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Family-Friendly Spring Breaks in Islamorada

Islamorada offers a quiet village appeal for families looking to bring their spring breaks down to the Florida Keys. Begin by setting you and the kids up with an inclusive and luxurious resort home base here at Islander Resort. Beyond, you can tap into aquatic adventures, family-friendly local beaches, scenic drives, and a reliable variety of acclaimed local restaurants to elevate and fill your vacation. 

For some more details, check out these five tips for a family-friendly spring break in Islamorada. 

1. Stay at Islander Resort

Families flying in from the northern states and driving in from southern ones can benefit from arriving at an expansive, luxurious property like Islander Resort. Located on over 24 acres of oceanfront property, it’s a great place for guests of all ages with onsite pools, a hot tub, private cabanas, outdoor grills available, and two onsite restaurants—Tides Beachside Bar & Grill and Elements Lounge & Restaurant

2. Drive & Paddle Throughout the Keys

If you’re road-tripping into town, then you will get to marvel at the gorgeous, water-surrounded drive into the Keys down the Overseas Highway. Families flying can definitely enjoy renting a car for a ride across this spectacularly scenic freeway. You can also explore the gorgeous local area by taking one of the daily tours offered by Islander Resort’s adventure guide partner—Clearly Unique Watersports.

3. Bring the Kids to Anne’s Beach & More Local Hangouts

To explore some beachfront property outside of Islander Resort, families should check out Anne’s Beach. With minimal waves, the warm waters offer a safe and easy place for little children and tired parents to splash around. If your kids are ready to dry off, then you can take them to the playground at Library Beach Park, which also features a gorgeous creek lined by mangrove trees. 

4. Head Out for Fun on the Water

Travelers can enjoy onsite watersports rentals at Islander Resort, and find a wide range of recommendations for snorkeling, sandbar swims, and boat charters. If you want to introduce your kids to fishing as well, we can help you get set up with equipment, a boat, and even a chartered outing. 

5. Add Some Reliable Restaurants to the Itinerary

Traveling with kids can be challenging because they tend to be less adventurous eaters—parents who keep chicken nuggets in the freezer at all times know what we mean. Our onsite restaurants feature a wide range of kid-friendly options including corn tortilla nachos and the Tides Burger at Tides Beachside Bar & Grill, as well as the overnight oats and traditional breakfast at Elements Lounge & Restaurant. Off-property, you can find similar variety and reliability at Islamorada Fish Company, Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar, and Wahoo’s Seafood Bar & Grill

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